The Guinean State Mining Company, SOGUIPAMI, is a limited company with the sole shareholder being the Guinean State.

It is responsible for:

  • The management of the state’s shareholdings parts in mining companies and the development of mining permits.
  • The trading and transport of the state share for mining products.
  • It participates in the negotiations on contracts between the State and the companies in which it manages the State’s shareholdings, as well as the negotiations on the development of mining infrastructures.
  • It may hold mining research permits on its own or in partnership for promotional purposes.

The creation of the Guinean State Mining company is the doing of the Government of His Excellency Professor Alpha CONDE, Head of State, through the establishment of the acts Decree No. 218/ PRG / SGG dated 11/08/2011 and later amended by Decree D / 2015/016 / PRG / SGG of 12 February 2015.

This creation follows the policy choice made by Guinea to separate the regulatory and control parts of mining activities entrusted to the Ministry of Mine and Geology from the economic and financial activities of the mining sector entrusted to a private entity, whose sole shareholder is the state, and fully subjected to the mining code.

  • SOGUIPAMI deals with the economic and financial aspect of the mining activity.
  • Mining Administration deals with regulations and control of mining activity.


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